Photo by Taylor Sincich

Photo by Taylor Sincich

Girls on Granite

Gender dynamics can be pervasive in the climbing world, as historically it has been a male-dominated sport. Because women are assumed to be risk-averse, sometimes women and other underrepresented genders may not have the same confidence as men when tackling a challenging route, or when faced with learning new skills. After teaching women's only classes, I realized the importance of creating a welcoming, inclusive space for women and underrepresented genders to learn climbing skills. When we have an affinity space to learn these skills from each other, we are able to tackle their fears and gain more confidence.

Girls on Granite is a two day course for women (including cisgender and transgender) who are confident climbing in the gym and sport climbing but want to make the transition into traditional outdoor climbing.

Day one- We’ll focus on outdoor face climbing technique, rappelling, traditional gear placements and anchoring.

Day two- We’ll learn how to crack climb, hand and foot jamming, finger locks and basic offwidth techniques. In the afternoon we’ll do hands on gear placements and anchor building. Everyone will have a chance to build and critique each other's anchors.

Price $347 (price includes both days and the class must have at least three participants to go out)

Dates January 26-27 2019

Contact me to sign up!

Emily Mannisto writes eloquently about gender dynamics in this Alpenglow Collective blog piece.